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iMA is perfect for you if:

You have difficulty relating to someone
important in your life OR
you are suffering from loneliness
Not communicating effectively is causing you emotional or financial harm
You are prepared to invest some time understanding how to connect better  with others
You are open to modifying how you relate to others
You care about how others see you
You want to explore your areas of brilliance

iMA is NOT for you if:

You have no difficulty relating to anyone important in your life
OR not connecting effectively is causing you no emotional or financial harm
OR you have difficulty communicating effectively but you are not prepared to invest the time to understand how to connect better with others
You are not open to modifying how you relate to others
You don't especially care how others see you
You are not interested in  your areas of brilliance


My name is Stephen Boroda

I help you connect better with others by communicating on their wavelength instead of yours.

iMA is a simple, colour-based language, that provides a way to observe, understand and deal with differences, enabling people to communicate and connect with others on their wavelength.

I was personally trained by iMA creator James Knight.

As an iMA Practitioner, I am not alone. I am part of a community of experts with a wide area of expertise who are all using iMA to help themselves and to help others be, do and live better - making life easier, happier, more productive and more meaningful.

Stephen Boroda

Stephen Is A Man Of Integrity, High Principles
And Learning Who Is At Heart A 'People Person'

Michael Krape


Stephen Builds Rapport Easily, Is Engaging With His Conversation And Demonstrates Caring And Empathy

Jacqueline Power


Stephen Boroda

I am excited to be a resource to help you learn about iMA and to apply iMA’s principles to your life, making your life easier, happier, more productive and more meaningful.


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