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Welcome to the revolutionary iMA Video Series - a comprehensive business and life operating system designed to help you navigate the complex world of human interaction. Packed with insights, strategies, and practical tools, this series is your key to understanding and adapting to the diverse perspectives that shape our relationships.

Embark on a transformative journey for only $180, and experience the incredible value of over $600! The iMA Video Series is your gateway to mastering communication, building trust, and fostering meaningful connections.

Version 1:
Resolving Conflict With iMA
πŸ”— Connect Better, Resolve Conflicts

Learn to communicate on others' wavelengths, turning "difficult people" into valued colleagues or friends.
Gain tools to handle family conflicts, allowing you to face work without the stress of unresolved relationships.
Rediscover the joy of family get-togethers as conflicts melt away.

Version 2:
Combating Loneliness With iMA
πŸ”— Cure Loneliness, Forge New Connections

Bring iMA into your life to combat loneliness and isolation.
Acquire tools to make new friendships with like-minded individuals.
Learn how to get along better with those who speak a different iMA language.

5 Amazing Modules
Covering Everything You Need
To Connect With People Better

Module 1

iMA Fundamentals - learn about the two factors that determine a person's High Colour - their mode of being, their comfort zone, the programmed and predictable way that they think and behave most of the time.

Module 2

What does it mean to be the High Colour that you are? What are your characteristics? What are your strengths? What are your limiting behaviours?

Module 3

What are the characteristics of the other three iMA High Colours?

Module 4

Learn how to modify your behaviour to connect with people of all four iMA High Colours.

Module 5

Learn how to adapt your behaviour to become an even better version of yourself.

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For a limited time, get both versions of the iMA Video Series, offering a combined value of over $600, for the exclusive price of $180!

About Your Coach

Stephen Boroda

Stephen Boroda is an iMA Accredited Professional, personally trained by iMA Creator James Knight.

Stephen is also a rabbi and educator with 30 years experience of teaching and inspiring people to be their best selves.


I fell in love with the simplistic way iMA can be used. I can use it in seconds, not years.”

Philip Hitchen

Managing Director, 

Belle Vue Bus & Coach Hire, 

Manchester, United Kingdom


Stephen is a man of integrity, high principles and learning who is at heart a 'people person'. 

Those who have been fortunate to know him recognise his many qualities and appreciate his guidance, sense of humour and openness to new ideas.

Michael Krape

Michael Krape

Public Relations Consultant,

Melbourne, Australia


I have used iMA in every aspect of everything I design and deliver. iMA has been invaluable and gentle, kind and supportive. 

We need to understand our starting point and then understand the starting point of the person speaking to you and narrow that gap. iMA does that perfectly.”

Christine Alexander-Smith

Organisational Development Consultant,

The Diversity Coaching Initiative Limited,

London, United Kingdom

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