iMA Coaching With Stephen Boroda

Your iMA Coaching Session includes:

What is iMA?
Is the Golden Rule really so golden?
Why are the four iMA colours called
“High Colours"?

What are the four iMA High Colours and
how are they determined?
Why do we find some people just so annoying,
yet other people get along with them just fine?
What are the typical communication styles of each iMA High Colour?
What can you do to modify your communication style to better connect with others of a different iMA High Colour?
What else can you do to improve communication and to connect better with others of a different iMA High Colour?

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Stephen Boroda

I am excited to be a resource to help you learn about iMA and to apply iMA’s principles to your life, making your life easier, happier, more productive and more meaningful.


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