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In the "How To Communicate Effectively and Connect Deeply" free download, you will learn that 75% of the world's population think and act differently from you and how that contributes to our difficulty in connecting effectively with others.

I offer one-on-one 75-minute Zoom sessions, where I help you to come up with strategies to communicate and connect on the other person’s wavelength.

It is the most powerful step you can take to bring that "difficult person" in your life on side.

 Would You Rather Learn At Your Own Pace?

I have created a multi-video series which explains iMA and shows you how to
easily apply it to your life.

Learn how to identify the iMA High Colour of others.
Learn to modify your communication style to better connect with others of a different iMA High Colour.
Learn to recognise your areas of brilliance.
Learn to adapt your behaviour in order to become an even better version of yourself.

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What Colour Are You?

The first step to making iMA work for you is to know the answer to that all-important question: “What Colour Are You?”

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What Some People Are Saying ...

"Stephen is a man of integrity, high principles and learning who is at heart a 'people person'."

Michael Krape

Michael Krape, Public Relations Consultant, Melbourne, Australia

“I fell in love with the simplistic way iMA can be used. I can use it in seconds, not years.”

Philip Hitchen, Managing Director, Manchester, United Kingdom

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