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I Help You Connect Better With Others By Communicating On Their Wavelength Instead Of Yours

Why is it that some people
just drive us crazy?

Do you have someone in your life that - let’s be honest - you find an absolute pain in the neck to be around, yet you need to interact with that person regularly?

Perhaps it’s your boss. Perhaps it’s your employee. Perhaps it’s your colleague.

Perhaps it’s a fellow member of the board of management of a volunteer organisation - a club, a church, a synagogue, a mosque, the scouts, a charity - or a political party, pressure group or political action committee.

Perhaps it’s your client - or your lawyer, accountant or financial advisor.

Perhaps it’s someone who you would truly benefit from having as a client.

Perhaps it's even your romantic partner or an adult child.

Whenever you need to interact with this person, you need to be on your absolute best behaviour to avoid saying something totally inappropriate to them.

Every so often, despite your best efforts, something slips out of your mouth that you regret immediately and that just worsens your relationship with this person further.

Sometimes just thinking about this person keeps you awake at night - quite literally.

Have you ever thought why this might be?

Did God or the Universe just place this person in your path to test your patience?

Stranger still, not everyone seems to think as negatively about this person as you do. Some people actually love and respect this person greatly.

Allow me to begin to answer this question for you.

You have so much trouble relating to this person whilst others do not share your struggle because not everyone relates to the world and other people in the same way as you do.

Welcome to iMA!

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What is iMA?

iMA is a simple, colour-based language, that provides a way to observe, understand and deal with differences, enabling people to communicate and connect with others on their wavelength.

I first found out about iMA from my brother Ashley. When I realised just how beneficial iMA could be to my own areas of interest and expertise, I too applied to become an Accredited iMA Practitioner.

I was personally trained by iMA creator James Knight. It was a truly delightful and eye-opening experience.

iMA has been used to help match the right people with the right roles in organisations and businesses, to aid career choice, to make schools and teachers more effective, to improve internal communication in businesses and organisations, to promote a higher standard of customer service, to resolve disputes, to facilitate civilised marital separations, and to assist people to find the perfect life partner (so as to reduce the chances of them needing a separation).

As an iMA Practitioner, I am not alone. I am part of a community of experts with a wide area of expertise who are all using iMA to help themselves and to help others be, do and live better - making life easier, happier, more productive and more meaningful.

What Drew Me To iMA

iMA’s philosophy is a noble one: “If you can make a person like themselves better, they will love you.”

Throughout my 25-year long career as an educator and a rabbi, I have had one primary focus: to enable people to enrich their lives.

My aim has always been to inspire and to educate, to give people the tools to participate more fully in communal life and to bring out the best in them.

I am also there to make things feel possible or easier when times are tough and to help celebrate the good times.

I'm a High Yellow - Stephen Boroda
Boroda Family Collage

iMA And Me

I am a family man who is blessed to be the father of Anton, Eli, Libi, Eva and Sadie. (They range in age from 18 to 30). Like me, Eli, Libi, Eva and Sadie are High Yellows. Anton is a High Green. My former wife is also a High Yellow.

My brother Ashley is a High Yellow, too. However, our parents, of blessed memory, were not High Yellows. Our late father was a High Green and our late mother, a High Red.

We Don’t Know Why We Are The High Colour That We Are

What we do know is that we are either born with our High Colour or develop it very early in life. Ashley has gone into kindergartens and has been able to quickly determine the High Colour of each of the children!

Each of the High Colours represents a comfort zone - the way that we feel most comfortable being addressed and treated most of the time. As James Knight says, a person who is of a particular High Colour exhibits behaviour that is “patterned, programmed and predictable.”

iMA uses the term “High Colour” to indicate that, whilst our behaviour is patterned, programmed and predictable the majority of the time, we all exhibit some behaviours associated with the other colours. We are what James Knight calls “a blend of colours”. That is because, as James is fond of saying, we are all “as unique as our thumbprint.”

However, iMA is not interested in our uniqueness. iMA is interested in what makes us comfortable - and uncomfortable - the vast majority of the time.

That is what determines how others see us and how we interact with others.

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How Can iMA Help You

By applying iMA’s principles, I can help you answer most of your most pressing problems. It all begins with the answer to the question “What Colour Are You?”

Once you know your own High Colour, you can use the clues that people give through their programmed, patterned and predictable behaviour to determine their High Colour too.

It is easy to determine your High Colour. All you have to do is complete my short, free iMA questionnaire.

A Brief Overview of iMA

As I mentioned, iMA is simple.

There are only four High Colours. Those High Colours are dependent on (a) whether a person is relationship-driven or fact-driven (right-brained dominant or left-brained dominant) and (b) whether they are assertive or non-assertive.

That’s it.

Fact-driven assertive people are High Red

Relationship-driven assertive people are High Yellow

Fact-driven non-assertive people are  High Green.

Relationship-driven non-assertive people are High Blue

25% of the world’s population fall into each High Colour

The good news is that you share a comfort zone with approximately 2 billion people on the planet.

The bad news is that 6 billion people on Earth do NOT share your comfort zone.

Of those 6 billion people, 2 billion people share neither of the elements that make up your comfort zone. You share some things in common with the remaining 4 billion people.

Looking at the chart, if the High Colour of the person standing next to you has a High Colour that is diagonally opposite yours (for example, they are a High Red and you are a High Blue, or they are a High Yellow and you are a High Green), you share neither element in common. What makes you comfortable makes them uncomfortable. What makes you uncomfortable makes them comfortable.


iMA To The Rescue

As you have probably guessed by now, the High Colour of that person who keeps you awake at night is not going to share your High Colour.

In fact, they are most likely to be someone on the diagonal from you.

Did God or the Universe just place this person in your path to test your patience? No. You just happen to need to get on with someone who is on the diagonal from you in the iMA chart.

That person is not better or worse than you. They are just different.

Why is it that others seem to get on with that person just fine?

They may share the same High Colour as that person.

More likely, given that you have less of a problem getting on with those people, they share one of the two elements with both of you but not the other element.

For example, let’s say you are a High Red. The person who drives you crazy is likely a High Blue, whilst those who seem to get along with both of you just fine are either a High Green or a High Yellow.

Those people have enough in common with the two of you to get along with both of you, whilst the two of you - being on the diagonal - are on a totally different wavelength from each other.

Once you learn iMA, you will learn how to communicate on the other person’s wavelength.

All of a sudden, you will find a common language with your crazy-making colleague. You will learn to respect each other. You may even become the best of friends!

(Really. There are plenty of examples of exactly that, especially if that person chooses to learn iMA too - after expressing pleasant surprise about how YOU are suddenly not such a pain in the neck and discovering that iMA is the reason why.)

Good communication has never been more important

We are living in exciting but challenging and increasingly turbulent times. With all the emphasis on the digital world, it is important not to overlook the most important skill of all: how to communicate and connect with people.

I had to learn the hard way that “love your neighbour as you love yourself” does not mean to treat others how you would want to be treated, but rather to treat others how THEY would want to be treated.

That is a key iMA principle. The best way to make yourself understood is to first understand how the other person will best hear your message.

Asking and answering the question “What Colour Are They?” enables you to predict how they are most likely to respond best.

How much easier might life have been if we had only learned this earlier and been given the skills to put this into practice!

How many arguments could have been avoided?

How many misunderstandings and how much heartache could have been prevented?

iMA is truly transformative.

If you learn with me, you can expect me to impart some of my accumulated wisdom to you and do my utmost to make iMA work for you - enabling you to like yourself better and to enrich your life.

my proven system

iMA is perfect for you if:

You have difficulty relating to someone
important in your life
Not connecting with that person is causing you emotional or financial harm
You are prepared to invest some time understanding how to connect with that person
You are open to modifying how you relate to that person
You care about how others see you

iMA is NOT for you if:

You have no difficulty relating to anyone important in your life
OR not connecting with that person is causing you no emotional or financial harm
OR you have difficulty relating to someone important in your life but you are not prepared to invest the time to understand how to connect with that person
You are not open to modifying how you relate to others

What Colour Are You?

The first step to making iMA work for you is to know the answer to that all-important question: “What Colour Are You?”

Complete my short, free iMA questionnaire by clicking on the link below.

Stephen Boroda

I am excited to be a resource to help you learn about iMA and to apply iMA’s principles to your life, making your life easier, happier, more productive and more meaningful.


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