Learn With Me

Learn how to improve your communication, end loneliness, and deepen your connection with others.

As an iMA Accredited Professional, trained and certified by iMA Creator James Knight, I offer three methods by which you can learn the Power of iMA and integrate it into your life - to improve your relationships (especially with people who you currently see as "difficult") and thereby deepen your connection with others. iMA is also an antidote to loneliness.

Learn At Your Own Pace

I have created a multi-video series which explains iMA and shows you how to easily apply it to your life.

Learn how to identify the iMA High Colour of others.
Learn to modify your communication style to better
connect with others of a different iMA High Colour.
Learn to recognise your areas of brilliance.
Learn to adapt your behaviour in order to become an
even better version of yourself.

Learn One-On-One With Me

Just you and me for 75 minutes on Zoom or GoTo!

Your iMA Coaching Session includes:

What is iMA?
Is the Golden Rule really so golden?
Why are the four iMA colours called “High Colours"?
What are the four iMA High Colours and how
are they determined?
Why do we find some people just so annoying,
yet other people get along with them just fine?
What are the typical communication styles of each
iMA High Colour?
What can you do to modify your communication style
to better connect with others of a different iMA
High Colour?
What else can you do to improve communication
and to connect better with others of a different
iMA High Colour?
Personalised suggestions to successfully implement
iMA into your life and relationships.

For those who have already completed my iMA Video Series,  more time will be spent on personalised implementation strategies, given that you will be more familiar with iMA from your prior learning.

Bring the Power of iMA To Your Business

Invite me to give a 3 1/2 hour workshop to your company or organisation via Zoom or GoTo 

(or in person if you are located in Melbourne, Australia)

Workshops are limited to 30 participants
The first session runs for two hours and covers iMA Fundamentals
The second session runs for 90 minutes and applies iMA specifically to recruitment and retention.
Both sessions are interactive and include a 15-minute breakout

To arrange a group session for your business, email me directly:

Stephen Boroda

I am excited to be a resource to help you learn about iMA and to apply iMA’s principles to your life, making your life easier, happier, more productive and more meaningful.


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