The easiest way to discover your own iMA High Colour is to take the iMA Questionnaire by clicking on the button below.

Discovering another person's iMA High Colour is more challenging. If you can have that person agree to take the iMA Questionnaire, great!

If not (which is usually the case), you need to figure it out for yourself. Like anything, it takes practice but it gets easier the more you do it.

People give clues as to their iMA High Colour. If you observe them carefully, these clues will jump out at you and their iMA High Colour will become clear.

In this series of Biblical iMA posts, I have taken a number of well-known characters from the Bible and used what we know about them (either from the biblical text itself or on the basis of Jewish traditional interpretative texts) to determine their iMA High Colour to the best of my ability.

I hope that you will find these interesting and that they will serve as examples as to how to figure out the iMA High Colour of another person.

What Colour Was Rebecca?

We first encounter Rebecca as a young girl, sent out by her father to tend to the sheep. 

Rebecca passes the test devised by Abraham’s lead servant Eliezer to determine who God wanted as a wife for Isaac and soon finds herself on the back of a camel with Eliezer heading from Haran to Canaan. Upon seeing Isaac for the first time she falls off the camel, quite literally falling head over heels in love.

Although jobs also have colours, it would be unfair to draw any conclusions from the young Rebecca being a shepherdess. She would likely have had little say in the matter.

Neither can we determine Rebecca’s High Colour from the fact that she passed Eliezer’s test by showing kindness.

We do get some small clues, however, from her choice to accompany Eliezer and to become Isaac’s wife sight unseen.

When her father asks her whether she wants to go to Canaan with Eliezer, she agrees immediately.

This was a young girl suddenly empowered with a mission. 

Previously submissive almost certainly due to circumstance - a young girl simply doing what her father expected her to do - she saw a chance to branch out on her own and grasped it without hesitation.

Isaac and Rebecca were opposites. 

It is apparent that there was little cooperation or coordination in the parenting of their two sons. 

Why would Rebecca have resorted to tricking Isaac over which of their sons should deceive the “blessing of Abraham” if she could have simply sat down and discussed her feelings about the matter with her husband?

Isaac was non-assertive and wanted to preserve relationships at all cost, as I discuss in my article on Isaac.

Rebecca was assertive and goal-driven. Having received Divine communication as to the destiny of her twins whilst she was pregnant with them, she felt a need to ensure that the plan became reality.
It never appeared to occur to Rebecca that God would find a way to ensure that Jacob would ultimately rule over Esau without her intervention.
Rebecca saw a job that needed to be done and went full steam ahead.

Rebecca was a High Red

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Stephen Boroda
Stephen Boroda

I hope you enjoyed this post. I share new weekly insights here on my “Learn about iMA” page that are specifically designed to introduce you to the power of iMA in helping you to understand people who think and act differently from you - who have a different comfort zone from you - in order for you to be able to connect and communicate with them on their wavelength, not yours. Please share any questions about iMA that you would like answered through these posts.

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