The easiest way to discover your own iMA High Colour is to take the iMA Questionnaire by clicking on the button below.

Discovering another person's iMA High Colour is more challenging. If you can have that person agree to take the iMA Questionnaire, great!

If not (which is usually the case), you need to figure it out for yourself. Like anything, it takes practice but it gets easier the more you do it.

People give clues as to their iMA High Colour. If you observe them carefully, these clues will jump out at you and their iMA High Colour will become clear.

In this series of Biblical iMA posts, I have taken a number of well-known characters from the Bible and used what we know about them (either from the biblical text itself or on the basis of Jewish traditional interpretative texts) to determine their iMA High Colour to the best of my ability.

I hope that you will find these interesting and that they will serve as examples as to how to figure out the iMA High Colour of another person.

What Colour Was Abraham?

Abraham came to the understanding that there was One God - the first recorded person to do so. He was excited to share his “discovery” with anyone who would listen.

Abraham also understood that as One God created us all, we are all one huge family. It is therefore our responsibility to take care of others - not only teaching them but feeding them, clothing them and doing whatever we can to heel them from their illnesses or at the very least to alleviate their pain.

God began to communicate directly with Abraham, instructing him to leave his home and travel “to the land that I will show you”.

God entered into a covenant - an everlasting pact - with Abraham and his offspring. As a physical sign of this covenant, God commanded Abraham to circumcise himself - a very painful procedure for a grown man.

The third day following the procedure is known to be when the pain is at its worst.

That did not stop Abraham from welcoming guests.

Nothing made Abraham happier than when he was meeting new people and sharing his ideas with them.

Abraham was a High Yellow - an ideas person who enjoyed sharing ideas with others and leading through teaching.
High Yellows are optimistic, influential and prioritise relationships. Abraham possessed all of these characteristics.
High Yellows are also outspoken, challenging others when they believe that they are mistaken.

Abraham not only challenged the received polytheism of his time. He was even prepared to challenge God when he didn’t think that God was acting justly.

When God announced his intention to completely wipe them out the population of Sodom and Gemorah, Abraham spoke out.

“Will the judge of the entire world not act justly?” Only a High Yellow would ask such a question to confront the Creator of the Universe!

Stephen Boroda

Abraham was a High Yellow.

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Stephen Boroda
Stephen Boroda

I hope you enjoyed this post. I share new weekly insights here on my “Learn about iMA” page that are specifically designed to introduce you to the power of iMA in helping you to understand people who think and act differently from you - who have a different comfort zone from you - in order for you to be able to connect and communicate with them on their wavelength, not yours. Please share any questions about iMA that you would like answered through these posts.

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