The easiest way to discover your own iMA High Colour is to take the iMA Questionnaire by clicking on the button below.

Discovering another person's iMA High Colour is more challenging. If you can have that person agree to take the iMA Questionnaire, great!

If not (which is usually the case), you need to figure it out for yourself. Like anything, it takes practice but it gets easier the more you do it.

People give clues as to their iMA High Colour. If you observe them carefully, these clues will jump out at you and their iMA High Colour will become clear.

In this series of Biblical iMA posts, I have taken a number of well-known characters from the Bible and used what we know about them (either from the biblical text itself or on the basis of Jewish traditional interpretative texts) to determine their iMA High Colour to the best of my ability.

I hope that you will find these interesting and that they will serve as examples as to how to figure out the iMA High Colour of another person.

What Colour Was Noah?

To begin to determine the iMA High Colour of another person, we obviously need a certain amount of familiarity with their character and behaviour.

Unfortunately, we have too little information about Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel to assess them with any accuracy.

We know a little more about Noah, certainly when he is viewed through the lense of Jewish interpretive tradition.

Jewish tradition compares Noah unfavourably with Abraham. The Bible tells us that Noah was “a righteous person in his generation”. However, if he had lived in Abraham’s generation, he would have paled in comparison.

Why? Because while Abraham spent his time engaging with others and teaching them about the One God, Noah made no effort to persuade others to mend their ways.

Noah spent his days building the ark. When people would ask him what he was doing, he would answer that God was about to send a huge flood and that the ark was designed to protect him.

People would simply laugh at him and continue on with their (violent and wicked) lives. Noah would respond by continuing to build, not interested in how others responded.

I would suggest that, at least according to the way that Noah is portrayed in Jewish teachings, Noah was a High Green.

Here’s why.

Noah was self-contained, keeping himself to himself rather than engaging with others. He only talked to others when they approached him.
Noah was most content spending his days on building the ark - a huge enterprise that required skill, focus and determination and was achieved through working alone.
High Greens are very content working alone. In fact, that is how they most prefer to work.
High Greens are obsessed with accuracy. They just love working on a pre-determined project and painstakingly bringing it to fruition. If you want a job done well, ask a High Green. God clearly had the right man for the job!
Jewish tradition gives us some insight into Noah’s time on the ark - how he worked out a schedule which allowed for all of the animals to be fed in a timely fashion (rather than eating him or his family!) A High Green at work!

Noah did not cope well with post-Flood life. He planted a vineyard and soon fell into drunkenness.

Without a tangible project, Noah became withdrawn and resorted to wine as a coping-mechanism.

High Greens under stress become withdrawn and even resentful. They resist change, are slow to act and slow to begin work.

Noah had no reason to be resentful. However, we can imagine that he would have suffered from tremendous survival guilt.

I think it is fair to say that people of all High Colours would struggle with such an emotionally overwhelming mental crisis.

However, it would have been especially challenging for a High Green.

Stephen Boroda

Noah was a High Green.

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Stephen Boroda
Stephen Boroda

I hope you enjoyed this post. I share new weekly insights here on my “Learn about iMA” page that are specifically designed to introduce you to the power of iMA in helping you to understand people who think and act differently from you - who have a different comfort zone from you - in order for you to be able to connect and communicate with them on their wavelength, not yours. Please share any questions about iMA that you would like answered through these posts.

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